The Dreamiest Beauty Secret

The Dreamiest Beauty Secret

It’s like the pillow in and of my deepest dreams. just poof, manifested out of thin air and into my bed. It’s quite just like that.

The average human sleeps for 1/3 of their whole life!! Which is so wild when you really think about it. Every single night and through the whole night, we rest our head on our pillow. What chemicals and toxins are we breathing into our lungs or soaking into our skin? Standard pillows are loaded with flame retardant, phthalates, formaldehyde and pesticides, to say the leastThat’s why creating, a heavenly, luxurious, yet healthy environment for that 1/3 of our life is the utmost importance.

One of my main themes for 2023, was enhancing my hibernation. Also, being the side sleeper that I am I really craved a pillow that would support my spine issues and not wrinkle up this vessel (at least not for this era being). On my quest for all the little ways to improve my sleep quality and environment, that is when I discovered Sleep and Glow.

The founder and creator of Sleep and Glow, turned my dreams into reality. I’ve been testing this pillow for a hot minute. I officially and forever have broken up with my old pillow.

The creator of this magical pillow and one of the industry’s top beauty experts, is a fellow side sleeper herself. Over time, she began waking up to vertical lines from side sleeping and compressing her face against the pillow every night. Which is exactly what I found myself experiencing. Rather than taking another trip to the cosmetologist for a temporary fix of fillers, she took matters into her own hands. Which, I totally and completely resonate with creating Cellular Beauty myself. I have found that the best lines and products, are ones created by people who struggled in seeking for what they direly needed in this market to no avail. Just like alchemy, turning their struggle into their success. 

This dreamy pillow was perfected with the best of the best cosmetologists, orthopedists, and sleep specialists across several European countries to create the original Sleep & Glow pillow design and prototypes. Collaborating to create meticulously engineered zones and dimensions of the pillow for ultra comfort with a cosmetic effect. With every single tiny detail being throughly thought of.

I am truly sleeping so much better and deeper.. not worrying about my skin in my dreams, keeping me from total REM state. Yes, I did that. There’s something about my skin touching the pillow, that grosses me out. I am waking up, so much more bright eyed and bushy tailed. I’ve noticed a major difference in my morning lines and puffiness. Along with, lessened allergies. The cherry on top, my back and neck are more aligned and supported through the night which I love for my spine health.


+ high-quality, safety approved European materials and manufacturing site with ISO quality control system certification included

+ infused with silver ions to prevent dust, dust mites, viruses, & bacteria from accumulating in /on the pillow

+ memory foam to adapts to the shape, weight, and temperature of your neck & head

+ pillowcase made of 100% Australian eucalyptus fiber with hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic properties included - which cosmetically boosts as well

+ reduces and prevents sleep wrinkles and morning puffiness

+ anatomical design ensures extra comfort for that deep sleep state

+ orthopedic specialists designed the anatomically correct body position during sleep

+ protects the lashes during sleep too

+ head, shoulder, neck, and face support 

No stretching, compressing, or creasing. The ultimate beauty sleep every single night. Waking up with nothing but a happy face and body. 

Find SLEEP & GLOW here:


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Ps. Shout out to Elizabeth and the Sleep & Glow team! They are angel humans.

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