The Magic of H2O

The Magic of H2O

A life force. A holy anointment. A healing element. A polymorphism. An enigma all simultaneously. Soft enough to slip through your fingers yet strong enough to hold ships. Water is many things and is way more dynamic than we believe.. beyond showering, dipping, and drinking.

+ Information Messenger

Water is magnetic and an intelligent catalyst of consciousness. It has the ability to hold energy and information. Making for a powerful carrier and receiver. I first learned of this by the legend Japanese author Masaru Emoto, who wrote “Messages from Water”. Emoto was at the forefront of discovering how polluted and toxic water, when exposed to prayer and intention can be altered and restored to beautifully formed geometric crystals found in clean, healthy water. Speaking intentions and blessings into your drinking water doses your body with magic. My medium, @transcendingbelief once told me to write a letter to my passed beloved friend and release it into the water with roses as a more potent way to connect with her.

+ Energy Cleanser and Healer

There is a reason water is the most abundant resource on this planet. To take care of and to be taken care of. Our ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Roman’s, and more knew of the healing powers of water, whether for it was for therapeutic or for sacral uses. In addition, what’s interesting but not surprising is how all blue zones are close to the ocean! A true testament to this medicine and healing agent holds for our mind, body, and spirit. Even, science agrees on that one. One of my most favourite energy cleansers is taking a shower. As I shower, I visualize and speak into the water to wash away anything that does not serve my highest self.

+ Intuition Downloader

Drinking the drink and being hydrated is imperative when it comes to intuition. The two feed off each other. Water helps the brain and body function efficiently, after all it is one of our big life forces. When our bodies are dehydrated, thinking and focusing does not come easy hindering our intuition downloads. Water also helps our body remove toxins. The more toxins our body is circulating, the more dense and stagnant our energetic and physical body becomes. Dose your water with minerals and sans fluoride.. watch how open you become!

More than that, you know those moments when you are in the shower, and all of a sudden epiphanies just come flowing through? Immersing in water, allows our body to open and release. A cocktail of turning on our parasympathetic mode mixed with negative ions. I believe a part of this, is the fact we are mostly made of water ourselves bringing an ancient familiarity to our atoms. Salt water has an extra charging effect on us. 

Ultimately, water is such a beautiful and strong way where nature connects to us. Perhaps that is the secret to earth school.. is when we unite the two.

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