My Favorites For Non-Toxic Teeth

My Favorites For Non-Toxic Teeth

Just like deodorant & other body products... toothpaste can have some not so hot ingredients too. Oral health is one of my top priorities. When we heal the mouth, we can heal the body. The connection is major. And just like gut health, oral health is often linked to illness and disease as every single tooth is connected by a meridian to every organ in our body. Aside from dentist appointments and a nutrient dense diet, I make sure to use a clean toothpaste. Most importantly, a toothpaste that is sans fluoride and one that protects my oral microbiome as well as my gut health. Since, I have too many favorite toothpastes, I often rotate on which I’m feeling more. I’m happy to say, I’ve been cavity free since switching to clean toothpaste many years ago. Funny enough, I only have one cavity... which I got while I was using conventional toothpaste haha!

Below are my favorites // 

+ @davidsnaturaltoothpaste
+ @boka

+ @auromereayurveda
+ @risewellco
+ @oral_essentials
+ @drbronner

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