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Meet the Boss Babe Behind Tiare Hawaii: Jane Hoskins

I have a major girl crush on this brand. Ok, throwback time. The FIRST purchase I ever made at my all time fav boutique was actually a Tiare Hawaii dress!

Major boho princess vibes. 

Her brand is the ultimate magical brand there is. When I think Tiare Hawaii, I think mermaids, unicorns, and fairies. 

& if you take a look at their IG, I can guarantee you will catch the traveling bug. 

Prepare to be inspired. 

OK, here we go:

Introduce yourself: 

Hi! I'm Jane Hoskins- owner/designer of Tiare Hawaii

Introduce Tiare Hawaii brand:  

Tiare Hawaii is a North Shore, Oahu based brand of women's clothing.  We are inspired by our love for travel and the beauty of nature. Each garment is hand made with love on the island of Bali.

You're a pretty successful brand- what steps did it take for you to get there?

Thank you so much!  We definitely took baby steps to get to where we are.  We started on a tiny best friend, Rachael, was a flight attendant and she was kind enough to give me her flight benefits to travel to Bali to begin manufacturing.  It all started with a dream and lots of drive.  I have always loved fashion and travel and found a great way to combine two of my passions. We were fortunate enough to have some great retailers put their faith in our brand early on and we developed a loyal following and that's how our brand started to grow.  

Your best advice for young entrepreneurs:

My advice would be that if you have a dream that you really believe in, just go for it.  I'm not a genius and I didn't have much money at all- but started small and worked really hard and that is what it takes to succeed. There are some days where it's really glamorous and days that are not so glamorous...just don't give up.

What is your favorite Tiare Hawaii piece?! 

My favorite piece is the Hollie Maxi Dress.  It slides off the shoulders and has high slits. It is romantic, whimsical, and  sexy in a subtle way.

Any big future plans for Tiare Hawaii?

We have some exciting campaign shoots coming up...Aruba with flamingos, The Greek Islands, and Iceland

Biggest fashion no no?

I do my best not to judge anyone's personal keeps this planet fun and interesting! :)

Biggest fashion hell yes?

Wear what you feel great in with confidence and grace

What inspires the creation behind your clothing pieces?

I'm definitely inspired by travel. I create pieces that are made for the adventurous spirit that lives life to the fullest...she can just throw a Tiare Hawaii piece on and feel comfy and beautiful.

Typical day at the office?

A typical day at my home office in Hawaii consists of waking up, making my fiancee his coffee, checking the waves with him, and then checking and responding to work emails, running down the road to our headquarters at Sunset Beach, shipping orders out, taking a dip in the ocean, working on designing in the afternoon, getting a quick workout in, and then prepping dinner for our nightly dinner parties with friends.

What have you learned working in the fashion industry since you first started?

I have learned so much since starting this clothing line. The fashion industry is incredibly fun. You are constantly surrounded by creative energy. This industry can also hurt. Sometimes you will receive criticism. I've learned to not take criticism personally and to try to use it as "constructive criticism" to just do a better job and to improve the brand.  

How do you stay up to date on today’s trends?

Being based in Hawaii, we are slightly removed from the LA & NYC fashion scene so I try to come up with my own ideas and not follow trends too closely. I do travel to places like Sydney, NYC, and LA and love to people watch and check out street style. This definitely inspires me. But I mainly design pieces that I want to wear and stick to that formula.

Anything else to add for my readers? 

Thank so much for taking the time to read this. I want to encourage readers to do what you love. I jumped into this with little money and not too much experience but just take small steps and constantly learn and grow. 

Hi, it’s me again. I literally got goosebumps when I read this. You can literally feel the passion in Jane's words. Kinda just wants to make you go out and hustle, right? 

Check out Jane’s magical line:

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xx, MM

Photos courtesy of Tiare Hawaii. 

This post is in collaboration with Tiare Hawaii. All texts and opinions are mine. 

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