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Meet the Boss Babe Behind L*Space: Monica Wise

It’s been a hot minute since we welcomed a boss babe on TSV.

AND I can practically taste Miami Swim Week!! SO bikini theme is starting now. 

Bikinis, Rose popsicles, Bieber music, Coconut oil, Miami, pool parties. Yes plz. 

If any of you guys are attending the bomb ass pool parties down there for swim week:

I most definitely recommend investing in a L*Space suit! 

Fits are always on point. Perks the girlies AND flatters the tush. Not to mention, the styles. Comfy but chic AF. 

Plus, their one suits make awesome bodysuits with jeans! #BOOM

OK so let’s jump right in. 

Hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I did! 

Introduce yourself: I’m Monica Wise, founder and Creative Director of Orange County-based lifestyle brand, L*SPACE.

Introduce L*Space brand:  L*SPACE is a fashion-forward swimwear and apparel brand known for its chic-yet-unfussy, high quality designs and impeccable fits.

So what made you decide to start a swim line? and what did it take to start it?

I grew up in the Midwest and always knew the cold weather and harsh winters weren’t for me. The moment I could, I packed my bags and moved to Florida, where I realized my passion for bikinis and the beach lifestyle. I started off by hiring a few sewers and that was the beginning.

Which is your favorite L*Space bathing suit you ever created?  Our signature Chloe is a top that provides support for the larger-chested girl and creates lift and cleavage for the smaller-chested girl. My mission has always been about making women feel beautiful and confident in their bikinis, so it was amazing to be able to introduce a silhouette to our girls that looks flattering on every body type.

How do you stay healthy? Any quick skinny tips? The old cliché, “eat healthy and exercise”, is true! And laying off the sugar, which can be a challenge for my sweet tooth!

Best tip for looking like a mermaid babe on the beach? The key is picking a bikini that makes you feel good and confident in your own body.

Your bathing suits are so chic and fit in all the right places! How do you come up with your designs? Is there anything that inspires you? Traveling! Seeing new places and experiencing new cultures constantly inspires me with ideas to keep the brand innovative and fresh.

Any big future plans for L*Space? We want to continue to expand as a go-to lifestyle brand, providing everything you need to experience the world and feel beautiful doing it, from the bag to the hat to the sandal. Stay tuned for more exciting expansions to come!

Quick: what's in YOUR beach bag?!

On the beach, I always need a good magazine, my Kopari body glow (I love adding a little shimmer to my skin for a sun-kissed look), and my phone! I’m definitely a victim to the social media obsession and keeping a pulse on the industry at all times.

Best part of owning your own business? The best part is getting to wake up every day to do something I’m truly passionate about.

Any tips for young entrepreneurs? Work hard, stay focused, and keep positive. 

Mottos you live by:  The famous quote, “Good, better, best. You can never rest until your good is better and your better is best” continues to motivate me to this day.

Anything else you would like to add for my readers:  Find what you truly love and never give up on it!

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