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Meet the Boss Babe Behind Flynn Skye: Amber Farr


I am SOO freaking stoked to present the boss babe behind Flynn Skye. There's nothing more I love than other women killing the entrepreneur game!!

If you haven't heard of Flynn Skye.. what are you doing with your life?! HA, but seriously her clothes are so effortlessly chic. Perfect for some festival fun or little weekend getaways to South Beach. 


First, introduce yourself

Hello my name is Amber. Nice to meet you!

Next, introduce your company

I am the proud owner/designer of Flynn Skye.

Any big future plans for Flynn Skye?

So many. It seems like every season the company evolves and grows. The company is a little over three years old so the world is our oyster. Oh and I am opening a store soon! Tee shirts and body suits are also launching. So much fun stuff. 

Your favorite Flynn Skye piece?

It changes a ton but honestly the wrap set is a no brainer. I also am really into the Basic's collection because sometimes the solids are where it's at. 

What inspired you to create your clothing line?

Necessity. I was in a major transition in my life and needed to reinvent myself quickly in order to keep food on the table. 

What did it take to create your clothing line?

It took time and a small loan from my lovely momma. That and a ton of hard work. 

Any advice you wish you knew when you first started out?

Well, as sad as it is don't trust people. Not in the clothing business. Do your homework and shop around so you know what things cost. People prey on new people getting into the business. It happened to me when I started and again recently. Besides that I think you need to keep it small. I see new brands hiring all sorts of people. Do it yourself and learn the business. Keep overhead low. Boom. 

What's a typical day in the office?

There is no typical. Everyday you end up putting out fires, production is the product of people so there is always new issues. I love it. My office is pretty awesome though. We are all excited about what we do. We do have fun I swear...

Advice for other young entrepreneurs?

Get a job under someone you admire. Work hard and make yourself of value. Entitlement won't get you anywhere. 

Your best beauty tip?

Drink water and scrub scrub scrub. 

Biggest fashion no no?

Sneaker heels. 

Biggest fashion hell yes?

Confidence and a smile. 

Busy and healthy? How do you manage to do both?

It is nonnegotiable. My whole office knows that I don't come in till I have hiked or done something for myself. It is just what I need to do to perform at the highest level. One hour for me then I am cool. 

Best parenting tip?

Talk to your kids like they have brains. My kids are so incredible and they have been through the highs and lows with me. 

Have you come across failure? How'd you get through those bumps in the road?

Failure ha, Yes, I lost a business and there was a time I had to except help. Super humbling and what I learned going through that experience is I don't ever want to be there again. Ever. 

Most important thing you leaned from working in the fashion industry?

I don't know. I have to say the my journey has been pretty effortless. (knock on wood) I would say that being a good person and brand building with one another is a must. I am pretty sure my brand is where it is today because of the support I have received. It is mind blowing. 

Anything else to add for my readers:

I guess on a last note I just want to say thank you. There isn't one day that goes by that I don't feel grateful for where I am. I also know that without all of you I wouldn't be here. So I am sending you all a virtual hug. 

xoxoxoxo, Amber

OK it's me again! How awesome is Amber?! Check out her bomb ass line, you won't be disappointed! 


IG: @flynnskye 

xx, MM

This post is in collaboration with Flynn Skye. All texts and opinions are mine.

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