Madison's Muses: Meet Shiva Rose, Earth Goddess and the Founder of Shiva Rose Beauty

Madison's Muses: Meet Shiva Rose, Earth Goddess and the Founder of Shiva Rose Beauty

From her early youtube days with Guru Jagat (may she be resting in eternal peace), to the release of her book Whole Beauty, to her potent words on instagram, Shiva Rose has been one of my most favorite muses for almost a decade now! A true unearthly force. A modern goddess. A sovereign soul. A Kundalini Sister. I am so honored for you to meet Shiva Rose and all her wisdom, magic, and guidance!

+ introduce yourself: 

I am shiva rose, alchemist, mama, author of the book Whole Beauty, and custodian of the planet. 

+ how did Shiva Rose begin?

I received the download for the line after a kundalini meditation. 

what are the inspirations behind your products?

Eight years ago there were very few green beauty brands that were elevated in ingredients yet chic in design. I wanted to create beauty that was nourishing as well as activating. 

+ a Shiva Rose product you can't live without?

Oh i am loving the blue butter cleansing balm. I use it during bath time. The blue color makes me feel serene and reminds me of the deep blue of the sea.

+ any special product launches coming soon we should look out for? 

Yes a new body scrub inspired by kauai and my dear friend Lilakoi Moon, using passion fruit and guava. 

+ how did your health journey start? What made you get into health and wellness?

I was diagnosed with autoimmune issues in my twenties and that catapulted me into the world of wellness.

+ how can we heal and work through the mental aspects when dealing with an autoimmune disease?

I feel we need to begin to listen to our intuitive voice and our body. It will begin to guide us if we listen closely. 

+ what "woke" you up? How did you first learn about the truths of this world?

Maybe I was just aware as a child. I used to get so affected by trees being cut down or injustices to animals and humans. Perhaps artists have less armor on to be able to transmit to others, and so they feel and see more. 

+ how can we fight back against big pharma, mainstream media, and the other corruptions in this world?

Create communities, become completely healthy and vibrant. Grow our food, learn about herbs and homeopathy. 

+ can you tell us more about how you grow your own garden food and if you have any tips on being sustainable? (which is literally goals btw!)

we moved from California to Texas and still learning how to grow here in Texas where the conditions are harsher. We are growing fall winter items like squashes, pumpkins, kale, herbs, lettuce, and we have an orchard of fruit trees we planted. 

+ what are some toxins we normally do not think about?

It seems they are prevalent in most items now, so i would just assume most of us need a good detox time to time. Toxins accumulate so its pretty much an overload until you release. I would say though dry cleaning and some supplements are sneaky toxins. 

+ what's your wake up call look like? 

I wake up at dawn with the sun and drink tea and meditate.  

+ one thing you do every single day?

Greet the sun and moon. 

+ how do you balance running a business, taking care of your family, and having a personal life?

Getting to the river, unplug and speak to gaia. 

+ best business woman advice?

Listen to your gut and don't listen to fear inducing ego. 

+ what advice would you give your younger self?

Enjoy life more, worry less. Try coffee enemas and ozone for more vitality to feel less pain in the body. I had lots of inflammation then. 

+ things that have guided your success?

Oh thank you I never think I am a success but that's probably because i am running my business with little help. I would say whenever I have stayed true to my heart and soul, ive never regretted it. 

+ your most challenging obstacle in life?

Right now the state of the world and trying to explain to people that a Technocracy is trying to take over all our god given rights. 

+ how did you pull yourself out of your lowest point?

Through a daily practice of walking in nature and kundalini yoga meditations. 

+ how can we heal from grief, anxiety or depression?

By reprogramming our brain and creating new neuro pathways. This can be done through diet, hypnosis, meditation, connection to God or source. 

+ how can we support our gut health?

Eat fermented foods, bone broth and take L glutamine. Also start with a candida and parasite cleanse. 

+ tips to raise your vibration?

Sunlight to receive sun codes and vitamin D. mantras for various intentions. 

+ how can we strengthen our immune system?

First see if you have any underlying conditions that are dormant but become flared up like mold, parasites, cavitations from bad root canals or wisdom teeth removals. Then eat as organic as you can and make sure your water is purified. Next detox from heavy metals, and get blood work done to see what you are lacking. Add minerals daily. 

+ what are your go to's for nervous system love?

Seeking solitude in nature. Here in texas the rivers are my refuge. 

+ your go to stress or anxiety reliever?

I like rescue remedy flower essence. Magnesium daily. Ashwagandha and balancing hormones helps. 

+ oh boy hormones... what are the best ways to help balance your hormones?

Blood work can be such a blessing so you can see what is needed. I am not against bio identical hormones if you have a knowledgeable practitioner guiding you. Acupuncture and herbs and beautiful plants like red clover and shatavari can help. Also evening primrose oil. 

+ how can we connect more with our feminine side?

Being around other like minded women. Honoring the goddess within. Connecting to the Moon energy. I have a course i created called The moon and you that shows you steps you can take to have this symbiotic relationship.  

+ any favorite workouts?

Hiking, Kundalini and pilates when i can. 

+ what about your fav Kundalini kriya?

Doing one for prosperity right now. 

+ any tips to enhance our natural beauty?

Facial massage with oils. Pure water with chlorophyll. 

+ an ingredient from mother nature you can't live without?

The sea, the rivers . . . 

+ your fav skin tips and tricks? 

My glow balm and saffron rose scrub for exfoliation. 

+ what’s in your beauty cabinet?

Honey can be a wonderful face mask and yogurt. 

 + signature scent?

Musk and Amber 

+ what are your favorite healing foods or skin foods? 

Ghee, ghee , ghee and avocado. 

+ your guilty pleasures?


+ your go to recipe, snack, or smoothie?

Almond milk, maca, frozen banana, Mikuna protein, reishi mushroom. 

+ humans that inspire and motivate you?

Those that believe and fight for our freedoms. 

+ three things that make you happy: 

my daughters, my man, our land.  

+ any relationship tips & tricks?

If you're fighting, get naked. Hard to continue arguing when you are nude. 

+ your fav pregnancy and parenting tips?

Listen to the cravings. Juicy fruits to create more fluid. Oh and freeze some herbal tinctures on menstrual pads and place them in freezer for after the birth. This placed on the perineum is heaven after birth giving. 

+ your next dreamy vacation destination:

Dreaming of greece . . .  also my other home kauai I haven't been back in some time. 

+ how do you protect your energy?

A secret mantra given to e years ago, also salt baths and burning sage. 

+ why is your energy and aura so beautiful?

Awwww . . . . i am a reflection of you . . . .

You can find SHIVA here:

@localrose |

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