Madison's Muses: Meet Susy Markoe Schieffelin, the Founder of The Copper Vessel

Madison's Muses: Meet Susy Markoe Schieffelin, the Founder of The Copper Vessel

Today, I am so stoked for you to meet Susy. Her energy is beyond beautiful and you can truly feel her beaming light even through the digital space. Her story touched very close to my heart and she is the epitome of how we can all rise from darkness just as the seeds of flowers do. Susy is an LA based Sound Healer, Kundalini Teacher, Reiki Master, Spiritual Mentor, and a fellow Logan Hollowell jewelry lover! It's no wonder I fell in love with her presence. She is known to be THE sound guru, from founding a sound healing school, guiding crystal alchemy sound bath meditations, holding monthly moon ceremonies, to collaborating with powerhouses such as Goop and Alo. Here, she shares a peak of her story and some gems of tips and tricks! 

+ how did The Copper Vessel begin?

Through my own healing journey! I was struggling to get sober, my hair was falling out due to alopecia areata, and I was experiencing incredible anxiety and panic attacks. I began exploring alternative healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, reiki, and sound healing. I started working with the cycles of the moon and incorporating crystals into my life. Everything began to change. I was finally able to stop drinking, doing drugs, and taking prescription medications for anxiety. The light came back into my eyes and I felt a sense of inner peace. I was able to find acceptance and self love. I embraced my hair loss and stopped hiding it. I knew that if these tools could help me so much, they could help other people too. So I began sharing about my personal experiences and teaching the practices I had learned, and it all unfolded from there!

+ how does sound healing make mediation more potent?

Sound goes where no other modality can. Sound healing supports deep healing through meditation because the frequencies can entrain with our brainwaves and help to shift them into brainwave states more conducive to healing and rest. So for people who have very loud, busy minds, and think they can't meditate - the sound can help them relax and access meditative states in a very short period of time.

+ how can we heal and work through anxiety and depression?

Become bigger than your circumstances. You have feelings and emotions but you are not them. Emotions are energy in motion. When that energy gets stuck - at some level, so do we. Recognize that everything is energy and that you have the power to shift energy. Make use of tools such as sound, breath, and movement to practice doing so. The more you let yourself feel the energy in your body and allow that energy to move through you - the less anxious you will feel. I treat anxiety as information. Depression is depressed energy. If you move that energy and elevate it, you can create a shift.

+ one thing you do every single day?

take a shower

shave my head


+ what advice would you give your younger self?

The thing that feels too scary or painful to look at, face and share, holds the exact medicine that you need to heal. Bringing light to whatever you don't want to face is exactly what you need to break through that fear. You are a perfect child of God. You are so damn loveable, and you are already enough. Stop hiding who you are and waiting to be ready. The time to live is NOW!

+ tips to raise your vibration?

- Take an inventory of your life. What feels GOOD?? Do more of that.

- What feels heavy? Where is there resistance? Let those things go.

- Surround yourself with people who leave you feeling energized and inspired. Eat food that makes you feel light and energized, rather than putting you into a food coma.

- Do things that feel hard and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.

- Give yourself space to meditate and relax every day so that you can get to know your own inner voice. Follow that. When it whispers "no" - listen. When it whispers "yes" - don't wait to dive in!

+ do you have any manifestation tips to share?

Live as though it is already yours. Become the person who has the thing you want to manifest. Align your own energy with whatever it is you want to manifest, and it will be yours.

+ what are your favorite Ayurvedic practices?

Abhyanga (four handed oil massage)

Shirodhara (warm oil dripped on the third eye)

Eating Kitchari

+ what are your go to's for nervous system love?

Relax in a sound bath, take a hot bath with magnesium, get a massage, dance or shake, take a cold shower or get in an ice bath

+ your favorite ways to detox?

Don't let it build up - always keep your system running as optimally as possible. Drink a lot of really good quality water. Eat foods that make you feel good (this is different for everyone!). Move your body regularly and sweat often. Forgive people quickly, and don't hold resentments - they are the worst poison of all. Journal when your mind is loud. Get a colonic when you need a deeper physical release.

+ how can we connect more with our feminine side?

Connect with pleasure in your body. The feminine is all about energy, pleasure, and receiving. Work with sound and breath. Let them guide you to what feels good. Focus on that. Allow yourself to feel your emotions (but do not attach to them). Be receptive - look at your relationship to giving and receiving. If you are someone who always gives and needs to be in control, play around with letting go, letting people help you (even to the point of playfully letting yourself feel "helpless" ) See what it shifts for you :)

+ what about your fav Kundalini kriya?

Ego Eradicator, Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya, Kriya for Elevation

+ any tips to enhance our natural beauty?


+ wellness tools you can’t live without?

Sleep mask

+ what are your favorite healing foods or skin foods?


+ your guilty pleasures?

Chocolate and cheeseburgers. But no guilt!! Just pleasure :) 

+ humans that inspire and motivate you?

My mom. My husband. My son. My sisters.

My coaches Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos.

Women who are clear channels, powerful leaders, and are strong yet soft - Marianne Williamson, Paula Mallis, Kristen Eykel

+ any relationship tips & tricks?

Share your appreciation and gratitude. Acknowledge people when they do right, forgive and move on quickly when something has felt wrong. Tell people you love them. Be honest.

+ your fav pregnancy tips?

You were born for this! Trust yourself and your own journey. Get support. You are not alone and you don't have to feel that way. For me, I connected with an amazing group of pregnant women - we still message almost daily and support each other as new mamas. Find yourself a mama tribe. I also worked with energy healers to hold me as I grieved my maidenhood in order to transition into my new identity as mother. I took care of my physical body by receiving regular abhyanga treatments, going to the chiropractor, doing pelvic floor PT, and getting acupuncture. I ate whatever my body told me I needed to eat and meditated daily, journaled, and moved my body as often as possible. Build yourself a support team and remember that you reserve the right to change your mind about anything at any time. It is your body and your baby and know one knows either better than you do!

+ how do you protect your energy?

Be the energy you want to attract. Don't be so quick to judge others or label them as "toxic" we are all mirrors for one another. When something comes up that you feel you need "protection" from - ask what it is bringing up within yourself for you to look at and heal. Bring love there.

You can find SUSY here:

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