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Madisons' Muses: Meet Kelly Graham, the Founder of Aleavia Skin Care

One of my most favorite, decadent shower staples has been an orchid prebiotic body cleanser created by Aleavia Skin Care. I originally came across this magical wash on amazon, after the orchid oil caught my eye. Orchids bring sentimental sweet childhood memories, back to wandering through my grandma's garden in Jupiter, Florida. Her trees were covered in dozens of vividly colored orchid plants. I was entranced by their delicate petals glistening like crystals in the sun and their enchanting aroma that filled the air like a kiss from mother nature herself. So of course, I had to give this wash a try. I am so thankful I did! Not only did it bring me back to those blissful moments, it left my sensitive skin with soothing calmness and a touch as soft as silk. I look forward to my showers, just so I cleanse and wash away the day with my orchid cleanser. After years of experiencing her cleanser, I thought to myself why not invite Kelly, the creator behind my forever cherished body cleanser to the blog. Her passion for freedom and formulating, are just a few reasons why I admire this woman so much. I'm very excited to share her brand and herself with you today. 
xx, Madison

+ introduce yourself 

My name is Kelly Graham and I am the Founder of Aleavia Skin Care!


+ how did Aleavia begin?  

I met our formulator on a complete whim and when he told me his story about how he worked  to stabilize water contamination naturally using the power of plant-based prebiotics (algae), I was captivated. When he discovered that this same natural process of “stabilizing and balancing pH” worked on the human skin, I was even more intrigued. When one of his formulations healed my daughters Keratosis Pilaris in 30 days, I knew I had to sit with him and find out his entire story.  

I had already been working for a large company for 15 years and had a successful career and decided to finally be a stay at home mom with my two young daughters at the time. But as I was on my own health and wellness journey to heal myself from the inside out, I became like a sponge and dove in and new this was my new journey. With my sales background and his expertise in working with prebiotics, we worked together for over year to come up with our first few skin care products and Aleavia was born!  


+ why are prebiotics so underrated?!

Not so underrated anymore, but just lack of knowledge and understanding because it has always been about PRObiotics for so long. But what we now know is that PREbiotics are actually just as vital, if not more important for overall good health. Prebiotics are the crucial food source for the probiotic. Think of a garden. The seed is the probiotic and the fertilizer is the prebiotic! Without this food source, the probiotic can’t properly do its job! This works the same way for the skin!  When we feed our beneficial microbiome the right food, it comes alive and multiplies at a much faster rate. This is when positive change occurs on the skin. This is why we get so many life changing testimonies with Aleavia! 


+ why is our microbiome so important in our health?  

I always say, microbiome is life! It’s our first line of defense on our skin to protect us from all the chemicals and environmental pollutants in the air that we are bombarded with daily. Using chemically ridden products that strip our beneficial microbiome barrier and breaks down our wall of immunity is making us all the more unhealthy!


+ what are the inspirations behind your products? 

It really all started with a ready, fire, aim mentality. I had a simple mission. Why wouldn’t all moms and dads want a cleaner skin care option for their family? It was time to take a closer look what we put on our largest organ, our skin, each day.  


+ tell us more about your facility and what goes into production? (as a supplement manufacturer, I know the process can be very tedious!)

Each barrel of Aleavia takes two days to make! The blending process alone is so unique and time consuming when you are dealing with a live superfood, it really makes Aleavia special! We currently reside in 3,000 square feet of warehouse space and are looking for 10,000 as we continue growing like we are. 


+ how do you source your ingredients? 

Lucky for me, when I started working with our formulator, he was already working with organic suppliers for over 20 years with his environmental work! He’s never wavered. I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside someone who has set the precedence how important real ingredients are! We use Dead Sea Salt, organic aloe, cold pressed oils and our prebiotic source( Acadian Sea Kelp), is harvested off the cold waters of eastern Canada. 


+ an Aleavia product you can't live without?

Green Tea/Honeysuckle for the win every day!


+ any special product launches coming soon we should look out for?  

We have many different products in the works. Our biggest challenge as a small company is space! We are looking to triple the size of our current location to be able to be in constant production, innovate and hire more people to grow! We need a very specific type of working space and our warehouse is a must to be air conditioned! We are looking tirelessly to find the right location! 


+ how did your health journey start? What made you get into health and wellness? 

That would take hours to tell, but it all started after having 5 miscarriages and two very high risk pregnancies. My body never properly “reset”, if you will, and that began a 15 year journey to finding health and wellness. I still struggle with chronic illness today, but I would have never found my true calling to start Aleavia if is wasn’t for my health adversities and constantly researching and looking for answers to improve my health.  


+ how can we heal and work through the mental aspects when dealing with an autoimmune disease?

Connect with others. You are NEVER alone on your health journey. 


+ what "woke" you up? How did you first learn about the truths of this world?  

Honestly, for me it started with having great parents who taught me at a young age to have good critical thinking skills. I was taught to listen and learn from all different points of view and take that information and decipher what is best for ME and MY family.  


+ how can we fight back against big pharma, mainstream media, and the other corruptions in this world?

If I had all the answers, we would be in a much better place. We have become so divisive, but I think it starts with being able to have free flow of information. Fighting to maintain freedom of speech is everything! It’s a privilege! Whether we agree or not, your voice should never be discarded. I honestly believe the media is our worst virus! 


+ what does beauty and wellness mean to you? 

Constantly growing and evolving. Being open and learning what’s working and what would be ideal for you! It’s important to always remember our health and wellness journey is very individual! 


+ what are some toxins we normally do not think about? 

Gosh, so many! Starts from the time we wake up! From what we put on our body, to what we put in our mouth, to our cleaning products and detergents we use to overuse of sanitizers stripping our beneficial microbiome. The list goes on. Start making small changes so you don’t feel overwhelmed. 


+ what's your wake up call look like?

Early! I wake up generally around 6am. Prayer, meditation and answer priority emails. I love flowers and gardening so I try to walk my yard each morning to enjoy what’s blooming and growing. Sets the tone for the day. Then I exercise by 6:45- 7am.  


+ do you have a daily routine? 

More or less, yes. Now that the girls are older, it’s easier to prioritize myself and my work schedule better.  


+ one thing you do every single day? 

Pray. Our world needs guidance. 


+ how do you balance running a business, taking care of your family, and having a personal life?   

I think balance is very individual. I work crazy hours, but never have waivered when it comes to raising my girls. They always come first. We eat at the dinner table every night and easily sit for an hour discussing current events and their daily schedules. It’s nonnegotiable. I am not sure I could have put so much time into Aleavia if they were really small. It’s hard. I admire all the moms and dads who juggle this hustle and raise good productive kids!  


+ best business woman advice?  

Your running your own race. Embrace it.  


+ what advice would you give your younger self?

Everyone has issues, so quit being so hard on yourself! Be vulnerable. Be intentional with people. Be your true self, always! 


+ things that have guided your success?


My family

My husband

My children


+ your most challenging obstacle in life?

Chronic illness is no joke. Connect with people and make sure you have proper outlets to talk about your challenges when needed!  


+ how did you pull yourself out of your lowest point?

God and family. I am fortunate to have a rock solid support system.  


+ how can we heal from grief, anxiety or depression?

I think that is always a work in progress. Time. Taking care of our bodies from the inside out. Find your support system. I always say health is wealth! Take time to do the things that will help you be the best version of yourself. Mine is bio/Neuro feedback right now.  


+ talk to us about biofeedback? 

Game changer. I have a highlight on my Instagram where I talk about how bio/neuro feedback has changed my life. I am less anxiety ridden, calmer, have learned to be more in touch with how my body works. We are electrical beings and biofeedback is like the electrician putting you back in “alignment” feeding your body the micro currents it’s lacking that make it run optimally. It’s fascinating. I always joke that I work to keep myself as healthy as possible!  


+ how can we support our gut health?

Eating foods that are rich in prebiotics. Fermented foods, lots of garlic, onions and leeks. Bananas daily. Lots of asparagus, too! 


+ how can we strengthen our immune system?


*Good diet




*Grounding whenever possible!


+ what are your go to's for nervous system love?

Weekly chiropractic adjustments. Bio/Neuro feedback once a month.  


+ your go to stress or anxiety reliever?

I do a massage once a month, acupuncture and I go to my chiropractor every Wednesday to keep my body and nervous system aligned. 


+ oh boy hormones... what are the best ways to help balance your hormones?

Rest, exercise, supplementing, and bio identical hormones are life! 


+ any favorite workouts?

I have had a bad lower back for a long time, so I’ve been power walking for years!  


+ your go to workout jam?

Actually, I work out to listening to nature instead. Clears my head. 


+ do you have a fav mantra?  

Keep pushing. Hard work reaps the rewards...


+ are you a fellow sun lover?

Daily! But only early morning sun with full exposure. After that, you’ll find me under the umbrella with the big hat on. 


+ how did you come to appreciate your own beauty?

As I have gotten older, I find I worry less about what people think about how I look. With age, you realize you are more attracted to people by what they offer inside. I am really hammering this home to my two daughter who are now teenagers. Beauty fades. Internal beauty and connection lasts a lifetime!  


+ any tips to enhance our natural beauty?

Get outside everyday. Exercise. Get a morning jolt of sun! Prioritize this time for yourself. Even if it’s 15 mins. It changes everything.  


+ an ingredient from mother nature you can't live without? 

Algae. It’s life. 


+ what’s your skin type? 

Normal to oily and acne prone. I’ve been using Aleavia exclusively for 6 years and my face still produces oil like a teenager some days!  


+ your fav skin tips and tricks?  

Simple is best. I don’t ever overdo it in this area. Wash with Aleavia on the face and body. Mist face with our Restore Soothing Spray for an extra dose of prebiotic and moisturize. I alternate days with serum, retinol and hyaluronic acid to not “burn out” my skin.  


+ what’s in your beauty cabinet?


Agent Nateur

Beauty Counter

Hynt Beauty

Leah Lani Mermaid Mask


+ what’s your skincare routine? 


Wash with Green Tea/Honeysuckle on my face and neck. Apply Aleavia’s Restore Soothing Mist. Let dry. Apply Hynt Beauty sunscreen, moisturize with Beauty Counter and on with the day.

Nightly routine:

Wash with Green Tea/Honeysuckle. Currently using Agent Nateur trilogy, which includes vitamin C powder and serum. Worth every penny! Other nights use a beauty counter retinol mask. I try to mask with Leah Lani’s Mermaid Mask several times a week. That’s it!


+ wellness tools you can’t live without?

*Jade rollers

*Dry brush 

*Manual lymphatic drainage massage on my face and neck


+ what goodies are always on your nightstand?

*Reading material

*My bible

*Usually supplements that I have forgotten to take!!

*32 ounces of water!


+ signature scent?

Green Tea/Honeysuckle Body Wash for the win!! I use it for everything. 


+ what are your favorite healing foods or skin foods?  

Once again, anything with algae, red algae. It’s life for the skin. 


+ your guilty pleasures?

*For sweets, I love a lemon Nothin’ Bundt Cake. If you don’t have a store in your state, you are missing out!

*Drink, a cosmo martini with fresh lime.  


+ what about food? What’s your go to healthy quick meal?

Sounds crazy, but fried eggs and sautéed greens on the side. Great protein boost for me. Keeps me full for hours. 


+ your pantry staples?

Decaf green tea, Truvani protein powder, coconut oil, and lots of almond butter!


+ do you have a favorite smoothie or tea recipe?

I don’t drink caffeine so I found a great decaf green tea and decaf dandelion tea. Dandelion is a great source of prebiotic as well! For smoothies, our whole family is loving Truvani chocolate protein greens with a banana, chia seeds and sometimes a spoonful of almond butter.  


+ favorite health food store?

*Thrive online

*Whole Foods a mile from my house 


+ for our fellow floridians, what are your favorite food or fun spots?

I love all kinds of food. But for a perfect date night out, it’s Christner’s Family Steak House for the win in Winter Park, Florida. 


+ humans that inspire and motivate you?

God, my mother, my husband and my daughters. Anyone standing for freedom in this climate. Freedom over EVERYTHING!


+ three things that make you happy: 

*My family

*My two beautiful daughters

*My lifelong friendships

*Being in nature daily!

Whoops, that’s 4!


+ any relationship tips & tricks? 

After 24 years, respect your individual interests. Compromise is key. Give each other space. Lots of laughter! Be aligned on the big stuff in life. It matters, a lot.


+ do you have any fertility tips to share?

Maybe in a book one day. My journey to have my girls was a monumental experience. I have such empathy for all the young woman waiting for their miracle baby.  


+ your fav pregnancy and parenting tips? 

It’s been a long time since I was pregnant. Enjoy every moment. It all flies by! As for parenting, talk to your kids-ALOT! If you listen, they teach us so much. Each child is born with their God given talents. My advice is to always be available for them, keep them on the path of righteousness and help them become the best version of themselves.  


+ your next dreamy vacation destination:

We do an island vacation every year that’s dreamy. My 50th is coming up. Would love to take a nice trip, but this virus has everything up in the air. 


+ how do you protect your energy?

That’s a tough one. I am very open with my energy. I believe sharing our struggles and triumphs helps others to realize they are not alone and achieve their goals to overcome fear! We are never alone on our journey.


+ why is your energy and aura so beautiful?

I am a true people person. I love intentional relationships. I believe everyone has a special story to tell. I like to be open and available to help others, even if it’s to just listen...


+ plug yourself!

I am not big on plugging myself. I am a wife and a mom on a mission to change how we do skincare. That is all. One person, one family at a time!  And along the way share my health and wellness journey to hopefully help one person who feels defeated or alone. 


You can find Kelly here:


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