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Madisons' Muses: Meet Erica Stolman, the Founder of FashionKush

The epitome of a cool girl? I think so. A girl with a taste for 90s fashion and Mary Jane is definitely a muse of mine. Cue Erica Stolman! I first started following Erica ages ago when I was fashion blogging. To this day, I still love to keep up with her mossy vibes and now her cannabis chic brand. I wanted to know all about her and her mission to break the flower stigma. At TSV, I fully believe in all the plant power for ultimate healing of the mind, body, and soul. After all, when we shift to our relaxed nature, that is when we can sink into our parasympathetic mode. And THAT is when we are propelled into our true healing state. So, let’s meet the kush queen! 

+ introduce yourself:


Hi! My name is Erica Stolman and I am the creator of the blog/brand/social platform- Fashionlush. I started Fashionlush when I was in college as a way to share my experiences while getting my degree in Fashion Merchandising. I used the blog as a platform to truly express my creativity & what was inspiring me at the time. Blogging was very new then, but as the industry evolved, I evolved with it to the best of my ability. Now, all these years later, Fashionlush has the most wonderful/supportive/creative community of like-minded individuals. I am also the co-founder of the blog design agency, Blog-Doo, that I started with my best friend & fellow content creator- Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential.

Two years ago, my mom & I created our company together- Fashionkush. We both are long time lovers of cannabis and we saw there was a gap in the market. So many of the products have been and are geared towards men. We felt there was something missing for the ladies who love the leaf & we wanted to fill that gap by bringing some chic into the world of Cannabis!



+ when was the first time you tried cannabis?

oh man- probably around the age of 16! I can't exactly remember, but I am pretty sure it involved an apple if ya know what I mean.


+ how did you get into cannabis? 

I started "smoking weed" like any other experimental teenager. Nothing glamorous and not anything like how I use cannabis now. I didn't know there were benefits, I didn't know that why I liked weed so much back then was because it was actually doing things for my chronic anxiety, I was just doing what my friends were doing- getting high by the beach. Now, looking back, it all makes sense. I was so much more myself when smoking weed. High School was a very anxious time for me, and honestly- I am just so grateful for the magical leaf for helping me through!


+ how did Fashionkush begin?  

My mom & I were sitting at my kitchen table and we were smoking weed out of a really ugly water pipe. I looked at it and said "I wish this looked like home decor so I didn't always have to hide it" & my mom said "we should make that happen" and then she said Fashionlush goes KUSH & boom. The idea was born!



+ what is it like running a biz with your momma Linda?

It's amazing! My mom, before having kids, was an amazing graphic designer. She is a creative by nature and she just always has the BEST ideas. Plus, her personality is just 10/10. She is truly my best friend & we spend 80% of our time together. Sometimes it's rough cause she's not great with the computer, BUT she has the social skills where I lack so it actually works very well for us.


+ why is cannabis so underrated - is the stigma about it over?!

I think the stigma definitely still exists, unfortunately. Living in California, I don't see it personally as much, but I talk to a lot of amazing ladies over Instagram who still very much deal with that stigma. I can't understand it, because to me- it's a plant. A plant that works wonders, but to many people it's still a "drug". It's unfortunate, because there are so many individuals serving serious time for this little plant when dispensaries are out there looking like Apple stores. I hope we can continue to see that shift and more people are let out of prison for cannabis crimes.


+ why can cannabis be good for our health? 

It has so so so many benefits- Cannabis can help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, it can help with various neurological/mental disorders, it has said to reduce inflammation in the body, helps with sleep disorders- the list truly goes on & on!


+ what are the inspirations behind your products? 

Ladies who love weed- of course! We want our products to look good enough that you don't have to rush to hide them away when your friends are coming over!

+ what’s the difference between strains? Do you have a favorite one? my mom always said- indica = "in da bed", "sativa" to stay up. Indica is more sleepy, heavy, full body high while Sativa is a bit more of that "uppity" feeling. Then there is a good old HYBRID which is a mix of both, and my go-to. Sativa tends to make me a bit too anxious, indica gives me the munchies- hybrid is the best of both worlds.


+ bowl, joint, or edible?

Joint or bowl :)



+ what is your preferred vibe and scenery to smoke?

I love a high by the beach moment, but also just as happy with a joint in my backyard!


+ any special product launches coming soon we should look out for?

We have a few fun launches coming to Fashionkush in the very near future. I can't say too much- but prepare to be cozy and cute for Fall!


+ the best smoke shops in SoCal?

I am a big fan of ordering our cannabis on Eaze, but when we do go to the dispensary we usually hit up March & Ash, Urbn Leaf, or HotBox.


+ what does beauty and wellness mean to you? 

It's the most amazing form of self care!!! You have one body, you must treat it right & give it the love it deserves.


+ have you ever tried CBD skincare?

Yes- and I think it's great for inflammation! I always reach for CBD skincare products when my skin is acting up. Helps calm things down big time.


+ do you have a daily routine? 

Everyday is different, but yes- I typically start my day with skincare, coffee, catching up on emails, and then I get ready for the day- sometimes it's taking photos, going to an appointment, or shipping order for Fashionkush/planning the next launch. I try to squeeze in a workout and then I wind down around dinnertime. After dinner, I buckle down with my computer and get some of my admin work done (editing photos, uploading products to the site, preparing my content for the next day, etc). Then I end the night with my skincare routine, and will probably play Candy Crush while watching some TV before bed. Don't download Candy Crush, it's way too addictive.


+ one thing you do every single day? 

MAKE COFFEE & tell my Mom how obsessed with her I am.


+ how do you balance running a business, taking care of your husband and pups, and having a personal life? 

Honest answer- wrong person to ask. I am a work in progress when it comes to balance, but I have been taking weekends off and away from my computer/phone which has been really amazing for me!


+ best business woman advice? 

STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE! Comparison is not only the thief of joy, but also growth and productivity. Keep your blinders on and focus on the road ahead.


+ what advice would you give your younger self?

I was very emotional when I was younger, probably not aware of my empathic ways, and I truly want to hug my younger self, tell her to wipe her tears, and that everything is gonna workout the way it should. To relax a little! Also, would have definitely told my younger self to DUMP HIM. lol!



+ how can we heal from grief, anxiety or depression?

Therapy!!!! I think taking care of your mental health deserves just as much attention as taking care of your physical health and to heal yourself from trauma, grief, anxiety, depression- you need a professional. I personally really love somatic therapy as it helps support the nervous system.


+ what are your go to's for nervous system love?

A hug!! I know it sounds so basic, but a hug actually has so many benefits (we are talking somatic therapy!). When you receive a hug, it truly supports your nervous system and helps you calm down almost instantly. Also, breathing! I love the 4-7-8 breathing technique for when I am feeling stressed- it's wild how some good breaths can literally feel like you just took a Xanax!


+ your go to stress or anxiety reliever?

A joint, or getting your bare feet on the ground! Grounding is so amazing for your mental health :)


+ any favorite workouts?

I have a back injury that has held me back from my favorite workout- which is spin class! I love a good spin class and can't wait to get back to it. For now, I have really been enjoying Melissa Wood Health's workouts- they are quick, effective, and have been safe for my spine.


+ do you have a fav mantra?  

C'est la vie! Kinda cheesy, but in most situations- SUCH IS LIFE just makes sense. I have it tattooed on me!


+ are you a fellow sun lover?

Yes and no- I love a nice sunny day having a picnic or a swim in the ocean, but Fall/Winter is my favorite weather. Cozy vibes are my jam.


+ how did you come to appreciate your own beauty?

That came with age and growth! I used to hate so many things about myself- the gap in my teeth, my genetic under eye circles, that little double chin I inherited from my Dad... but as I've gotten older, I have learned to just be easier on myself. What makes you different is what makes you beautiful.


+ any tips to enhance our natural beauty?

CONFIDENCE BABY!! It's the best beauty tip around... but also, moisturize like crazy and drink TONS of water. Your skin is your biggest organ and it needs serious hydration to be glowing and plump.


+ an ingredient from mother nature you can't live without? 

Psilocybin- magic mushrooms, but microdosed :) and cannabis of course!


+ what’s your skin type?

Dry skin NOT for the win!


+ your fav skin tips and tricks? 

Gua Sha and ice rolling, it's all about that facial massage to keep things bright, tight, and toned!


+ what’s in your beauty cabinet?

I don't even know where to start- I have SO many skincare products that I love! Ubeauty refining serum is my holy grail, tons of eye creams, and all my products are clean. Some of my favorite brands are Youth to the People, Versed, Cocokind, WildKat, and Kora Organics.




+ what’s your skincare routine? 

Mornings: vitamin C serum to brihgten things up, Kiehl's avocado eye cream, & The Skinny Confidential oil and either a gua sha treatment or an ice roll to depuff & of course- SUNSCREEN.

Evenings: after washing my face twice (all about a double cleanse!)- I typically use uBeauty resurfacing serum, niacinamide serum from Versed, Kora's turmeric moisturizer, Kiehl's eye cream and a vitamin K eye cream, and finish things off with The Skinny Confidential facial oil.


+ wellness tools you can’t live without?

My gua sha tools and my Skinny Confidential ice roller!


+ what goodies are always on your nightstand?

On my nightstand you will find a really cute angel candle holder, a couple books, my iPad, Neccessaire hand cream, The Skinny Confidential facial oil, a glass water pitcher with a cup, and probably the jewelry I forgot to take off.


+ signature scent?

I don't really have a signature scent, but I am loving Byredo's Mojave Ghost!


+ your guilty pleasures? 

A bagel!! I live for a good bagel :)


+ what’s your go to healthy quick meal?

I call it the "skinny bagel" cause as you see above- I LOVE A BAGEL. It's a rice cake with vegan cream cheese (Kite Hill is the best!), red onions, lox, capers, a squeeze of lemon, and everything but the bagel seasoning.


+ your pantry staples?

Dried mandarins, peatos (like healthy flaming hot cheetos), Tony Chocoloney chocolate, gluten free pasta, and rice cakes (I use them instead of bread!).


+ do you have a favorite smoothie or tea recipe?

I loved LIVE PURE CUBES for smoothies- they are so easy and the peach cubes + the horchata cubes makes for the BEST smoothie. For tea- and iced london fog all the way- ice, earl grey tea, oat milk, and a splash of vanilla extract.


+ favorite health food store?

Frazier Farms for food, Shop Good for more "fun" shopping (health toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, skincare, etc!)


+ what are your favorite food or fun spots in SoCal?

Food- I have so many: Jeune Et Jolie for aesthetics and French food, Buona Forchetta for authentic Italian, Ironside for Oysters, Morning Glory for the best brunch (and the vibes are immaculate!), Monello for the cheese wheel pasta, and a burrito literally anywhere! Best burritos in San Diego.


+ humans that inspire and motivate you?

My mom/dad/sister, my friends, and my husband of course!




+ three things that make you happy: 

My dogs, my husband, my family (not in order, that I can't do!)


+ any relationship tips & tricks? 

Couples therapy does not mean you're failing! I think people go to therapy when they are at their lowest point in their relationship, and I feel like it should be more constant. Merging two lives, two people, into one- it's not for the faint of heart! You have to really learn to adapt to each other's communication styles & couples therapy is something we love to do just to make sure we are meeting each other's needs!


+ your fav puppy parenting tips? 

Wrong person to ask, they get whatever they want/whenever they want! The most spoiled dogs in the world, and it shows.




+ your next dreamy vacation destination:

Copenhagen! My favorite place in the entire world. We used to try to go once a year, but haven't been (obviously) with all that's going on. I can't wait to be back!


+ how do you protect your energy?

I have a hard time with this, but it's something I actively am working on. As an empath, I have noticed I REALLY absorb other people's energy, which has been a huge struggle for me. If my husband is having a bad day, it really affects me so greatly that I can barely function. I go to therapy for this, I practice breathwork, and I make sure to take time for myself doing things that truly help me feel grounded.


+ why is your energy and aura so beautiful?

Aww- this is so sweet. Honestly, one of the best compliments I have ever gotten! Thank you. I guess... I got it from my Mama :). She really instilled in me the importance of being a good person over everything else. Also, like I said above, I am an empath. I recently learned this about myself. It can be a blessing and a curse, but I just truly deeply care about the well being of others.



+ plug yourself!

You can find me on Instagram @Fashionlush or @Fashionkush. Check out the blog at & to shop head over to

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