Madison's Muses: Meet Carson Meyer, the Founder of C & The Moon

Madison's Muses: Meet Carson Meyer, the Founder of C & The Moon

              Today, I am over the moon for you to meet Carson. She is California sunlight in human form and LA’s most sought after doula. My favorite thing about Carson, is the creation of her organic skincare line, C & the Moon. Me and my ultra sensitive cannot live without her body scrub and oil!! And my god, the vanilla aroma of the line... it’s divine magic for your skin and leaves you smelling like a sweet sugar dumpling. Forever will be my self care staple and hopefully my future pregnancy guru too!

+ how did C & the Moon begin? 

C & The Moon began in my kitchen in Malibu. It was born out of necessity to hydrate and nourish my sensitive skin 

+ what are the inspirations behind your products? 

The belief that the way we care for ourselves has a direct impact on how we care for the planet. 

+ a C & the Moon product you can't live without?

Both of them ( : 

+ any special product launches coming soon we should look out for?  

Not yet. 

+ how did your health journey start? What made you get into health and wellness? 

I struggled with allergies for many years. I went to see a doctor when I was 18 who challenged so many of the limited beliefs about health within our culture. He inspired me on a path of self healing. 

 + What are some toxins we normally do not think about? 

PFAS chemicals in cookware and chemicals in toilet paper! 

+ what's your wake up call look like?

Meditation on a good day, scrolling through IG on a lazy day

+ one thing you do every single day? 

Tell the people I love that I love them and take my supplements! 

+ best business woman advice?  

You can’t please everyone 

 + what advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t worry about pleasing other people 

+ things that have guided your success?

Supportive women and mentors who have shared their wisdom with me and confidence in me.

+ do you have meditation tips?

Don’t get too attached to an idea of what meditation should look like or feel like. There are many ways to meditate. It doesn’t have to be prescriptive 

+ how can we strengthen our immune system?

Healthy diet, positive mindset, good sleep, strong social circle, minimal stress, quality supplements, clean, water, sunshine and time in nature 

+ what are your go to's for nervous system love?

Massage, epsom salt bath, meditation, music, hugs, puppy cuddles, nourishing food, movement and sunshine  

+ oh boy hormones... what are the best ways to help balance your hormones?

  • Reducing your toxic burden and removing endocrine disrupting chemicals from your life, moving your body, eating well, managing stress

+ how can we connect more with our feminine side?

Trusting our intuition 

+ any favorite workouts?

BUTI workout method is my fav 

+ do you have a fav mantra?  

“Do your work and step back, the only path to serenity”- Lao Tzu 

+ are you a fellow sun lover?

Oh yess!  

+ how did you come to appreciate your own beauty?

By feeling really good on the inside 

+ any tips to enhance our natural beauty?

Smile more 

+ your fav skin tips and tricks?  

Lymphatic face massage for plumping, defining and depuffing 

+ what’s in your beauty cabinet?

C & The Moon, Agent Nature, Egyptian Magic, Ion Biome, Living Libations 

+ wellness tools you can’t live without?

Red Light therapy and infared sauna 

+ signature scent?

C & The Moon Vanilla 

+ your guilty pleasures?


+ your go to food, snack, or smoothie? 

One Sun Granola 

+ humans that inspire and motivate you?

My mom and my mentor Lori Bregman 

 + three things that make you happy:

My man, my puppy, my work 

+ as a doula, do you have any fav fertility, pregnancy and parenting tips? 

Hire a doula, know your options, trust in your body, trust in your baby, release fear, stay present, have patience 

+ your next dreamy vacation destination:

Hawaii or Italy I hope! 

+ how do you protect your energy?

I try to surround myself with good energy and create an energetic cloak around myself when I need to 


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You can find CARSON here:

@candthemoon |

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