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Kiss My Kaohs: Backstage Interview and Runway Recap

HELLO. It's been a minute or two. 

Summer is in full swing & it's time to talk bikini talk. 

I'm super stoked today because Miami Swim Week 2017 content is finally swimming your way. 

This year, I teamed up with boss babe Michelle from Lilac and Lilies Boutique and we hit the 305. 

Think poolside runways, endless aroma of coconuts, bougie palm tree lights, and a lifetimes worth of bikinis.

Miami vibes on point.

Anyways, Swim week was JAM PACKED this year. Shows on shows on shows. Maybe some slight fangirling at the models. And obviously, lines longer than Disney World to get in. All was conquered with a cold tall glass of Rosé.

In the middle of the chaos, I was able to grab a quick interview backstage with the two boss babes behind KAOHS.

OK, let's dive right in:

introduce yourself 

ALLIE: I'm Allie. We're the same age. I'm 27. I was born and raised in L.A. I love the beach culture. I'm pretty diversed in it. I like fast pace-ness of all of that. Unlike, Tess who likes this quaint Orange County life. Completely opposite. 

TESS: My name is Tess Hamilton. I love Jesus and I love to be creative. Sum me up.  

introduce Kaohs

ALLIE: So this is our fourth year at Swim Week and Tess and I met in L.A. at fashion school. We decided on making bikinis was always her thing her dream and then we just really clicked. And I was like hey I'll be the business. 

i heard you guys barely knew each other at this time?

TESS: We barely knew each other. Hung out for like five hours. And I wanted someone to do this whole journey with me and just somehow it happened. 

do you have a background in design?

TESS: No. I was a marketing major and she was a creative major. We switched. 

so what's your creative process for creating you bikinis? They're really unique & effortlessly chic.

TESS: So we are skate, boho, surf. So that is our three girls that we cater to. Every year when I design, I am designing for those girls. But I am keeping it fresh and up to date with trends. 

so what's in your beach bag?!

TESS & ALLIE: Bali Body, Sun Bum, Aloha Wet Bikini Bag, & Agave Lip Mask!

advice you would give to other starting out boss babes?

TESS & ALLIE: Take risks & make mistakes.

anything else to add for my readers?

TESS & ALLIE: Hope you guys enjoy the show!


Hey, it is me again. SO, this is not only one of my favorite bikini brands but it was actually one of my favorite swim week shows. Kaohs is playful yet casual. Not to mention, their bikinis fit in ALL the right places. The melons AND the peaches, if ya know what I mean!

Their latest summer collection is on fiyaaa. Check it, xx!

p.s. one of my girl crushes, Shannon Barker, opened for Kaohs. V cool!



Stalk Them:

instagram: @KAOHS_SWIM


twitter: @KAOHS_SWIM

pinterest: KAOHS SWIM



Pictures courtesy of Sabrina Gaggia at Cece Feinberg PR (thank u for everything, xx!!)

This post is in collaboration with Lilac and Lilies Boutique & Kaohs Swim. All texts and opinions are mine.

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