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Hot Holiday Get Ups

Happy happy December guys! 

Wasn't it just 2000 yesterday? Every year is flying by faster and it needs to chill. 

Not complaining though. Comes December, comes festivities!

Gallons of fizzly bubbla, xmas bieber binges, excusable online shopping, and a ton of holiday shindigs.

I dunno about you but I'm that bat shit naked woman in her closet throwing clothes left and right ...five minutes before I have to be off to my destination. 

If that's also you, well then just call me Santa. 

Cuz today, I'm sharing holiday shindig looks featuring one of my favorite boss babes brand, Veronica M! 

Since I wait till the last hot minute to outfit plan, I picked these four outfits that are super easy and effortlessly chic. 

Forget the xmas sweaters... that's boring and cliche. 

I feel like these outfits are justtt the right amount of festive.

Played with some suede, dark moody prints, classic old black, and obviously spicy boots. 

Veronica M is the ultimate brand for the two winter P's. 

Packing and Partying. 

All of her pieces are silhouette sexy, food baby safe (ya know, those post dinner moments where you have to casually and secretly unbutton your pants under the table?? Don't worry, not with VM!!), and very very travel friendly aka never ever wrinkles. 

Seriously, not exaggerating. Just one of those totally all around brands!

Maybe if your a northern girl though, layer or add a jacket or two for your extra weather conditions.

OK, ready? Check it out:


off the shoulder top

flare pants

black jumper

dress (not available but check this other hot number out)

Stalk Them:

ig: @veronicamclothing


xx, MM

This post is in collaboration with Veronica M. All texts and opinions are mine. (huge thank you to Veronica, Jennifer, & the VM team!!)

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