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Cosmic Chai Fruit Cereal by Vanessa De La Cruz, Founder of Flower & Bee Synergy

I enjoy a light and filling breakfast that supports my gut health, so here's my version of the infamous "fruit cereal". The ingredients are customizable for your health needs so if you see something you can't have just swap it out for what you prefer. This synergistic fruit cereal will provide you with calming energy and keep you full since it contains a nutrient-dense PLANT POWER blend of: organic pea protein, celery seed, adaptogenic herbs & CBD. 
This recipe starts with a creamy base of my FAVORITE Cocojune vegan yogurt, some crunch from Texas pecans, earthy carrot slivers, sweet bites of soft pears and beets. Make this cereal the night before and it's ready to serve upon rising. 
I am delighted to feature The Salty Vogue's delicious Vanilla Chai Protein Powder in this recipe! This organic pea protein powder is a supportive supplement to support gut health. It also contains CBD to help calm tension and stress relieving herb ashwagandha! Maximize your body's energy by adding this protein powder in the AM!

NOTE: for the most healing energy and flavor use organic local produce, dice, shred, and boil at home, it makes all the difference when it's prepared by the hands you love. 

Vegan | Gluten Free | No GMO | Gut Support | CBD

+ 1 medium/large organic beet (peeled, diced, boiled & cooled)
+ 3 tsp chia seeds
+ 2 TBL texas pecan halves (you’ll chop them up fresh) 
+ 1 cup Cocojune chamomile & vanilla vegan yogurt 
+ 1 small organic carrot (fresh shredded by hand) 
+ 1 scoop of The Salty Vogue vanilla chai protein powder 
+ 1 small organic pear diced 
+ 1 tsp local bee pollen

Peel, dice and boil beets for 20 mins or until tender. Drain and allow the beets to cool in the fridge.

While you wait for the beets to chill, dice pear, shred carrots and chop Texas pecan halves. Combine all to a bowl. 

Once beets are cold add them to the fruit bowl and in a separate bowl you'll make the creamy base and add the yogurt and The Salty Vogue protein powder, make sure you mix thoroughly. 

Add fruit mixture to the yogurt base. Stir in chia seeds and allow the contents to chill overnight. Serve chilled upon waking. 

serves 2-3 // store in fridge for no longer than 3 days

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