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Bikini Sunlight: Maaji

Bikini season is in full swing. Ugh, shaved pits and legs are a must now. #lazy

ANYWAY, there’s nothing more I love than a good fitting suit, a tall glass of rose, and my oversized hat. 

So did I mention a good fitting suit? Look no further. What you NEED (in terms of shopping, it’s need not want), is a Maaji swimsuit!!

Intricate designs that flatter the body in all the right places. The girls stay nice and perky and the bottoms keep the pizza muffin top in place. WIN WIN. Oh, and their designs are NOT basic. So, BIKINI GAME STRONG.

Time to welcome this magical company to The Salty Vogue!

First, introduce Maaji Swimwear

Since 2002, Maaji has been dedicated to the design and production of whimsical, luxury pieces. Influenced by their Colombian roots, co-owners and sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra pursued their dream of creating a brand that would enchant us all with its unique inventiveness. The eclectic and unconventional collections are designed for the modern, creative soul who dares to experiment with fashion. All Maaji lines: Swimwear, Activewear, Cover Ups, Kids and Trunks balance a unique mix of colors, shapes, silhouettes and textures that define the brand’s philosophy. For Maaji, every single detail of the garment is important. Their commitment to generating products of excellent quality, design, and innovative technology is illustrated in their creations. Each Maaji swimsuit is completely reversible – offering two looks for the price of one. 

Maaji is a 100% Colombian Brand, which is why its label is: Made in Colombia with love. 

So what made you decide to start you swim line? And what did it take to start it?

Amalia Sierra and Manuela Sierra, sisters, were strongly influenced by their family's entrepreneurship and commitment to the social development of our country, Colombia, and we pursued our dream of creating a brand that would enchant us all with its unique inventiveness.

Which is your favorite Maaji bathing suit you ever created?

I will always remember the style 376, it was called ALOE MESH, it belongs to the 2012 collection, the first I made for Maaji, it was one of the top selling styles... I also loved the colors and body.

How do you stay healthy? Any quick skinny tips?

I can't live without a bottle of water. I drink water all day long.

Best tip for looking like a mermaid babe on the beach?

Self Confidence. A #RealMermaid knows she is beautiful and always reflect it. She has a lot of confidence on herself. 

Your bathing suit designs are so different and interesting! How do you come up with your designs? Is there anything that inspires you?

Of course! I find inspiration everywhere! In music, movies, books, artists, crafts, movies, places... It’s really cool how you can create and come up with your very own story, you can live your dreams by making them summer pieces.

Any big future plans for Maaji Swim?

We want to continue spreading our magic all around the world, not only our swimwear pieces but our most recent ACTIVE line!

Quick: what's in YOUR beach bag?!

If I am carrying a beach bag it’s because I'm already wearing a Maaji!! In this moment I would carry a pair of silver mirrored glasses, sunblock, a huge beach bag and a good book or any issue (I love oldies) of a fashion magazine, I can't live without a bottle of water.

Mottos you live by:

I love all Frida Kahlo's quotes and "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others".. We receive so much!

Tell us about your earth warrior campaign?

Maaji is committed to the preservation of our Oceans and Seas, which have been an endless source of inspiration for our collections. "Planting an Ocean of Trees" is Maaji´s way of giving back to the planet. This is a nonprofit campaign aimed at planting trees in Colombia. This campaign is looking to impact positively the environment as well as the community by supplying jobs and cleaner water to the local residents. MAAJI´S FOREST HAS 70,000 TREES AND COUNTING, THANKS TO OUR COMMTTED PATRONS THAT DESERVE TO BE CALLED “MAAJI EARTH WARRIORS."

Maaji trees are planted as a part of a project designed specifically to protect watersheds in Colombia, in areas with high water potential that have been hit by violence.

The tree's species have been selected in agreement with the regional environmental authorities, according to the geographic location and the conditions of the site. We will plant native species such as Cedar, Willow, Oak and Myrtle. Planting will continuously be verified by the multinational Deloitte and Touche.

What makes your swimsuits different than other swimsuit companies?

Maaji, always full of surprises, each collection is inspired by a magical surreal story, the result of a long creative process. A fascinating team of designers, garment manufacturers and pattern developers blend together all their ideas to create these little art pieces. Innovation is the hub of this whimsical world full of eclecticism and attitude. The Maaji team is constantly working to achieve the perfect fit the Maaji girl has come to love and trust.

The Maaji signature is built upon the unexpected mixture of prints, textures, cutting-edge silhouettes and the sweet, ubiquitous presence of details. This combination defines the Maaji philosophy. The result: a one of a kind product, a real piece of art.

What inspired you to create suits for men as well?

Because every #RealMermaid needs a pirate!! Our men´s trunks collection is meant to be worn by the adventurers, daring men who want to make a statement wherever they go!!! 


IG: @maajiswimwear

This brand is forsure my "go to". A lady always needs a go to suit!!

xx, MM

This post is in collaboration with Maaji. All texts and opinions are mine.

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